Users’ information can change over time; passwords may need updating and you may, as an administrator, need to alter the information for a user’s account in order to fit within your Organisation’s structure.


Only Adminstrators that have the User Management permission are able to modify User Profiles.  For more information, please see the Organisation User Permissions article.

Editing User Information

User Profiles allows administrators to edit the account details of users within their organisation.  The following details can be edited as an administrator:

First name

Last name

Email Address (Login)



1. You can edit the User Information by first heading to the Users page in the iAuditor web app.


2. The user names listed in the Users section are now clickable links; click a user’s name in order to access their individual User Profile.


3. From here, you can view the user’s profile card.  Click the ‘Edit’ button to adjust this information.


4. You can now edit the first and last name of your user, as well as their email address and time zone.  Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes!’



Changing a user’s email address will prompt a confirmation email to be sent to the user.


Changing a user’s email address to an address with an existing iAuditor account will result in the email address not changing; the address you change to must not currently have an iAuditor account associated with it.



Editing User Passwords

User passwords can be directly altered by Administrators with the User Management Permission, following the same steps in the Editing User Information section.

1. When editing the User Profile, the Password Reset option will be listed below.


2. Clicking the first drop-down arrow will provide the option to send a password reset email to your user; this puts the responsibility of changing the password on the user themselves.


3. Clicking the second drop-down arrow will allow you to set a specific new password for the user. Note that this new updated password will NOT be emailed to the user.


Viewing User Devices

iAuditor now has the ability to show and edit the devices a user has registered to their account.


Clicking on the trash can icon will remove the device from their account.  Note that this will not remove any files from the device; it will be able to be re-added to the user’s account by logging into the mobile app again.

Viewing User Templates

iAuditor’s User Profile page has the ability to show that templates your users have access to in the User Profile, and the permission level with each.

  You are also able to view which templates are Archived using the Active/Archive links at the top of the Templates menu.


Viewing User Groups

The iAuditor User Profile page is also capable of displaying the Groups a user is assigned to.

Managing User Notifications

An Administrator can also look into the Notificaiton settings for their users and edit them accordingly.