Administrators now have the ability to manage their users’ devices directly from the user’s profile.  For example, as the admin of an account you may receive requests from your team to reset their device limit once more than three different devices are associated to the account. You can do this for them by following the steps below, or refer them to instructions on how to reset their device limit on their own.


Device management can be accessed by all users with the “Manage Users” permission organization permission setting.


Managing / Removing Devices from a User’s Account

  1. Login to the iAuditor web app
  2. Navigate to the “Organization menu”
  3. Select the “users” option from the top sub-menu
  4. Search or click on the team member whose devices you need to update
  5. A detailed user profile will display showing: User settings, devices, templates, and groups that user is apart of.
  6. Toggle to the “Devices” menu.
  7. You will see the default device allowance of three, and a list of devices currently associated (if any).
  8. Remove any devices as needed for your user.
  9. In the User Profile, click the ‘Devices’ heading to display your user’s current registered devices by name.  Clicking the trash can icon to the left of the device name will remove the device from the user’s account.

Removing a user’s device from their registered devices will not alter or remove iAuditor data on their device.  Logging into iAuditor with the device will re-register the device to the account if the user has enough available seats.


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