Device management can be accessed by all users with the Manage Users permission in the Permissions menu.  For more information, see our article on Permissions.



Administrators now have the ability to manage their users’ devices directly within the iAuditor web platform and the User Profiles.  Please see the User Profiles article for information on accessing your users’ profiles.


In the User Profile, click the ‘Devices’ heading to display your user’s current registered devices by name.  Clicking the trash can icon to the left of the device name will remove the device from the user’s account.



Removing a user’s device from their registered devices will not alter or remove iAuditor data on their device.  Logging into iAuditor with the device will re-register the device to the account if the user has enough available seats.



You’ll notice when a user has no devices registered, as well as the remaining slots available for them to add devices.