iAuditor for Windows is a streamlined version of iAuditor and is best suited to end users of the Windows 10 app. The app is available to download in the Windows 10 app store. 

Once you log in to the store, you will need to sync your device with your account for all the templates and audits to be downloaded. You can also download templates from the Public Library to your account by using the Public Library and syncing to your device.

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Features available on iAuditor Windows 10

The Windows app allows you to conduct an audit, sync it to your iAuditor account and export it into a PDF document using an existing Template Export Profile, and send via your email client.

You can now also create and assign corrective actions during an inspection with our Actions feature, as well as view those actions in a PDF report as well as within the menu tab.

To access other iAuditor features such as template editor, Analytics, and sharing functionalities, you will need to do so via iAuditor, the web app. 

Create a template

Templates must be created from iAuditor, the web app, or iAuditor for iOS or Android. Once the template has been created, sync your Windows 10 device so that the template will be accessible.

How do I customize the report?

Use an iOS or Android device to build the export profile in the template editor section. Sync the new export profile with iAuditor to ensure the template and its attached export profile are available on your iAuditor for Windows app. Once you have conducted the audit on your Windows 10 device, select the template export profile when exporting from your Windows 10 device. If on iAuditor, the web app, choose the desired audit and select ‘Export Audit’ and then PDF. It will now give you the option to choose the export profile you had attached to the template to export with your customized report settings.

Device compatibility

Devices running Windows 10 are compatible. We do recommend a higher processor such as a tablet, although we have optimised iAuditor to run on a range of devices.

Sharing templates from iAuditor for Windows 10

You can share the templates with other users in your organization by going to iAuditor, the web app, choosing the desired template and selecting ‘Sharing.’ 

Emailing PDF is not working

There is currently a known issue emailing PDF documents Windows 10 via Outlook on Windows 10. This is currently being worked on by Microsoft and we should have a solution in a future release. To work around this currently, we recommend using the Mail App. Please set up the Mail App with your email account and set it as the device default by following these steps:

To setup Mail App please follow this guide: https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/Email_Setup_in_Windows_10_Mail then follow the steps below to make it your default email application.

  1. Go to start and type “Default Programs” in the text box which is on the left-hand side bottom corner and select the first option from the list.
  2. It should open the dialog below, just tap on the icon below Email and it should give you all the default options available on the machine. Please select ‘Mail’ from the list.  Then when you send the report from iAuditor it should launch the Mail App and you should see the attachment when it launches the email.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to use the PDF which is available in the Downloads folder after exporting.

  1. Go to “Downloads”
  2. Depending on your device it will list as ‘iAuditor’ or “iAuditor for windows”
  3. Choose the folder from the day of the desired audit export
  4. Files are named after the audit and can be selected.

One final option is to sync your device with iAuditor and you will then be able to export via iAuditor, the web app.

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