iAuditor for Windows is the easiest way to conduct audits while on the job. Build your templates in your online iAuditor account and sync them to your device to start auditing.

Here’s a quick reference guide to get you started:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Windows iAuditor app from the Windows 10 app store
  2. Create a FREE iAuditor account
  3. Download or build your template in the online iAuditor account:

    Want to build it from scratch? Here is an overview of how to build your template:

  4. Sync your device to conduct your first audit.
  5. Conduct audits using the iAuditor for Windows app:
  6. Track analytics, generate reports and manage your templates using iAuditor, the web app:

Are you managing a team of auditors? Read more about creating an organization in iAuditor, the web app.


Read the iAuditor for Windows FAQs for more information