Every iAuditor user account is able to sign in with up to three separate devices by default. This three device allowance is included as part of each user’s subscription.

As an organization admin, you can raise the device allowance for any users in your organization at a cost. The cost of adding an additional device is the same as adding an additional user.

Note: Logging in to an iAuditor account on the website using a PC does not count towards your device limit; you can log in from as many PCs as needed.

Note: iAuditor has been designed around one user account per person. Sharing accounts between multiple people often leads to confusion and missing data (sync conflicts). We strongly recommend limiting use to one account per person.

  1. Click on “Users” in the left side bar. 

2. In the “Extra Devices” column, increase or decrease the number of extra devices available for each user. Zero extra devices indicates there are no extra devices allocated above the initial three devices. If one extra device is applied to a user, the user can then sync up to four devices.