Data access is a special permission on the iAuditor web app.  Any user that is granted this permission will have the ability to View all inspections and templates within their organization.

This is useful for setting up a new manager or Administrator that may need visibility on templates and inspections within your organization, but doesn’t need the files on their device.  It also cuts the amount of time spent setting up specific sharing for your administrative users and ensures that no files are missed in the sharing process.


Data Access will provide the organization’s files to the user’s web app, but does not sync the files to a device; this is to prevent an overabundance of files being synced to your device, which can fill up the device’ s storage quickly and lower the device’s performance.  To view files on your mobile device, share the inspections.

Setup Data Access for a group/user:

  1. Log in to the iAuditor web app
  2. Click the name of your organization in the bottom left-hand menu
  3. Select “permissions” along the top sub-menu
  4. Search for the name of the group or the user email
  5. Select the name in the popup drop-down menu
  6. The menu populates with the name selected
  7. Under the permissions dropdown select “data access”
  8. Click the green “add permission” button
  9. The system confirms your addition
  10. Once the user is given the data access permission, they receive a prompt to confirm the permission 

    Also consider adding admin permissions to this account if you want it to act as a super admin account