iAuditor is a mobile and web application that can be used to provide visibility and insights into raising safety and quality standards across an organization. If your team has an iAuditor organization set up already, they may invite you to join the organization and help raise the game together!

This article shows you how to accept invites to join iAuditor organizations both as someone who doesn’t have an iAuditor account yet and someone who has signed up already. If you would like to set up your own iAuditor organization, learn how you can sign up for an iAuditor account, and invite team members to join you.

Before you begin

Email invites can sometimes get lost from company firewalls or spam filters. If you cannot find your iAuditor organization invite, try checking your email’s junk or spam box for the invitation. Alternatively, contact your administrator for assistance, they can either resend the invite or provide you the login credentials directly.

Not yet signed up

  1. You should have received an email titled “Activate your iAuditor account”.
  2. Click “Activate account” in the email to open a web page.
  3. Set your account password and click “Activate account”.
  4. This takes you to the iAuditor web app indicating that your account is now in the organization, ready to use!

Already signed up

Accept via email

  1. You should have received an email titled “Organization Invitation”.
  2. Click “Join your team” in the email to open a web page.
  3. Click “Log in” and log in to your iAuditor web app to accept the invite.
  4. Select “Accept as <your username>” to join the organization.
  5. Click “Open iAuditor” to open the web app in the organization.

Accept via the web app

  1. Log in to the iAuditor web app.
  2. Click your username on the lower-left corner of the page.
  3. Select “Account Settings”.
  4. Find the invite in the “Team Invitations” box and click “Join” to join the organization.
  5. Click “Refresh Page” in the pop-up window to reflect the change on your web app.
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